Trade Mission: Navigating Asia


Dr Akihiro Shimosaka, Chairperson, Asian Cellular Therapy Organization

Jeff Liter, President and CEO, B-MoGen Biotechnologies Inc

Daecheol Kim, Director, Biopharmaceutical & Herbal Medicine Bureau, MFDS (The Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)

David Kim, CEO, MaSTherCell Korea, Cure Therapeutics Inc   

Kunihiko Suzuki, Vice Chairman, Member of the Board, MEDINET Co., Ltd​

Dr Anthony Davies, President, Dark Horse Consulting

Prof. MD. Sora Park, Inha University School of Medicine

Dr Reni Benjamin, Managing Director, Biotechnology Equity Research, Raymond James  & Associates, Inc

Jungwon Kim, General Director, Office of R&D Policy, Ministry of Science & ICT

William D. Milligan, VP Business Development, AventaCell BioMedical Corp., Ltd.; Co-Chair, ISCT Business Models and Investor Committee, ISCT Commercialization committee

B. G. Rhee, CEO, SCM Life Science; Chairman, Council for Advanced Regenerative Medicine(CARM)

Ganglip Kim, Deputy Minister, Office of Planning and Coordination, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Brad King, Director, Strategic Development, Cook Regentec

Antonio Lee, Ph.D., Global Head, Business Development, MEDIPOST Co., Ltd.

Prof. Norio Nakatsuji, Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University; Director and Chief Advisor, Stem Cell & Device Laboratory, Inc. (SCAD)

Kazuhisa Go, Managing Director, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC

Anette Thiessen, Key Account Manager, CellGenix GmbH

Seungshin Yu, Ph.D., Executive Director, Strategic Business Development, ViroMed Co., Ltd.

Dong-Yeon Kim, Chairman of  the board, Korea Drug Research Association

Dr Stefano Theoharis, SVP Corporate Development & Partnering, Cell Medica

Byung-Seon Jeong,
Assistant Minister Office of R&D Policy, Ministry of Science & ICT

Hunche Cho, Managing Director, Korea Drug Research Association

Kyung-tak Nam, Senior Scientific Officer, Biopharmaceuticals Management Division, Biopharmaceuticals and Herbal Medicine Evaluation Department, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation

Kyosuke Mano, Secretary General, The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine (JSRM)


Our Partners

BioIndustry Association
CJ Partners
ISCT is a global society of clinicians, regulators, technologists, and industry partners with a shared vision to translate cellular therapy into safe and effective therapies to improve patients' lives. 
Korea Drug Research Association (KDRA)
LSK Global
Strategic Center for Regenerative Medicine (SCRM)
Stem cell & regenerative medicine, a major pillar of advanced therapies, are considered as ultimate options to treat chronic or currently incurable diseases. Also, stem cell & regenerative medicine technologies are regarded as a key growth driver of  the healthcare industry and as a...

"ISCT is pleased to partner with Phacilitate’s Trade Mission. By bridging regions to enable global business partnerships, this facilitates the development of cell and gene therapies for the ultimate benefit of patients worldwide."

Miguel Forte, CEO, Zelluna; Chief Commercialisation Officer, ISCT

“The very first trial to organize a Trade Mission to Asia by Phacilitate will provide excellent opportunities to learn the business environment for the non-Japanese/non-Korean organizations who have intention to expand their business in the region."

Kunihiko Suzuki, Vice Chairman and Member of the Board, MEDINET Co., Ltd

What it's all about

Our main vision of the Trade Mission is to educate, showcase and partner in two highly innovative markets that show a great potential in speeding up the cell therapy industry’s drive to commercialisation

A select group of advanced therapy executives joined us in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan on two networking events to explore new partnerships.

Why South Korea?

Why South Korea?

  • Invited companies: CHA Biotech ● CKD Pharm ● CORESTEM ● EUTILEX ● GeneOne Life Science ● Genexine ● Green Cross LabCell ● Inha University ● JW CreaGene ● Kang Stem Biotech Co., Ltd. ● KDRA ● KOLON Life Science Inc. ● MEDIPOST Co, LTd ● Ministry of Science & ICT ● NewGenPharm Inc. ● PHARMICELL ● SCM Lifescience ● SEWON CELLONTECH CORP. ● SILLAJEN ● TEGO SCIENCE ● ViroMed Co., Ltd. 
  • Venue: InterContinental Grand Seoul Parnas
  • Health system: National Health Insurance covers up to 95% of medical costs, especially for cancer, stroke, CVD and orphan disease
  • Reimbursement potential: 66.3% of Koreans have private insurance covering up to 90% of medical costs
  • Population: 60 cities of 1m+ population are within a three hour flight, accounting for 28% of global GDP
  • Regulatory environment: a similar regulatory approval process to Japan. In addition, they offer free consultancy services
  • Seamless partnerships: If a Western organisation partners with a Korean biotech they receive a grant/funding for their clinical trial
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Why Japan?

  • Invited Companies: ACTO ● Arthrogen  ● KISSEI Pharmaceutical  ● Otsuka Pharmaceutical  
  • Opportunity: Japan currently holds 11-13% of global pharma sales making it the second largest pharma market in the world
  • A supportive regulatory environment: with the introduction of conditional approval, companies are able to bypass costly phase 3 trials and get their product to market quicker
  • Reimbursement: It is predicted that 70% of the clinical trials that follow an expedited-approval pathway will be reimbursed.
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Why Japan?


Business models, regulatory pathways and government perspective. Learn from the people that have experience working in these regions and gain an understanding on what you need to do to enter into these markets.


We promise to deliver a truly personalised customer experience; we’ll even organise your hotel pick-ups and drop-offs for you!


   After spending four days together we promise you will be heading home with new friends and partnerships helping you pave your way into Asia #PowerofPartnerships #EastmeetsWest


A whole afternoon dedicated to 121 partnering in each city including networking dinners (what more could you want from a Trade Mission?)